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Elevating Your Style, One Stitch at a Time. 

At Banethok, we believe in the power of bespoke tailoring to elevate individual style. With passion and attention to detail, we curate refined wardrobes, that seamlessly blends simplicity, functionality, and modernity. From formal occasions to daily wear, our team creates suits and shirts for you that fit you impeccably, reflecting your unique essence. Join us on a sartorial journey where every detail tells a story of sophistication and self-expression. 




Modern classic

Simplicity of the classics, functionality and touch of modernity….the perfect ingredients to your ideal wardrobe. Crafting sophisticated suits means tailoring refined ensembles for every occasion, keeping us grounded amidst our busy lives that tends to distract us from who we really are. Your suits should be a statement of the diverse lifestyle you navigate. This is about fabric and fit, ensuring you are impeccably dressed for formal affairs, casual outings, weddings, and beyond.